Gator Twitch (15cm)

is developed to be able to fish in all situations. With Gator Jerk you can fish super shallow, the bait then sinks slowly with rocking motion. However, the purpose of Gator Jerk is for you to be able to fish it both shallow and deep. With a pear lead in the game, you can easily control the depth you want to fish Gator Jerk at.
An incredibly easy to fish and versatile bait!

A jerk bait is usually difficult to fish in the wind and drift, but with this bait you will have contact with the bait even when you drift. Gator Jerk can be jerked home quickly, slowly or cranked home with spin stops.

When fishing fast, jerk slowly, crank home the bait with a stop, you will find the pace that is good for the day and when you do, this jerk bait will deliver.